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 What's Your Dream?

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PostWhat's Your Dream?

Then, when ask about my dream, ambitions or whatsoever...
i'll just answer like any other normal gradeschool pupil:

"Someday, I want to be a teacher".

When i now when i remember all those answers...
i laugh at the back of my mind!
cause now i really don't wanna teach, that'll take lots of patience which i'm not capable of having...and i even wanted to be a policewoman, which is of course way impossible because of my
pathetic hieght!

When in i was in highschool i remembered answering...

"i don't know? and i don't care!"
after all...i'm not yet graduating,.

But now i'm on my 3rd year,
taking up Commerce Banking and Finance...
which i find kind of not my type,
but then again, i'm into it and i'm not
going to get out!
well...that'll take lots of money and starting
over again if ever...but i don't have money.
wish me luck!

Some people would tell me:
Why not take Fine Arts? Your good at it.

My Answer:
No don't like it...i'm not good enough, trust me!

How about Architechture?

My Answer:
I hate lines! i hardly use rulers! DuhHh...

A MAPEH teacher?

Boring...i hate it!

English Teacher?

i don't want to teach!

and i ended up as a Commerce student!

But really...as of now...
i would love to be a PHOTOGRAPHER...

i love taking pictures, looking at them,
collecting them!

but i don't have the capacity of being
like it...and that's reality!


that will remain

Just a Dream.
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What's Your Dream? :: Comments

wHaT aRe dREaMsZzzSs?
Post on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:54 pm by skyarnz
dreams will always remain as dreams...

it would never be reality
unless you're ready to deal with it...
take it seriously..
and do it properly...

though.. success often starts with dreams
but not all dreams aim to success...
always remember that life...
life is always unfair and will never be fair...

maybe today..
u want this, u like that..
but tomorrow..?..
maybe u'LL just end up
noticing that...
u have to be like this..
and u have to want things like that?..

it is true that WE make our destiny..
but it is in reality...that also...
WE can change the so called "destiny"...
the past may never come nor go back...
but the CHANCE is given to us...
we may never experience another PAST,,,
BUT we can always make a better FUTURE!!..

and it's all in our hands..
if you like something...
dream of it..
if you want it...
make this reality...

only you!
have the authority...
and power to make...
your dreams come true!!

and it will always depend on you when you'LL let it stay in your dreams....life is a long journey,,, it may seem so hard and tough.. or light and easy.. either short....still... each and everyone of us is given a CHANCE to CHANGE our DREAMS to REALITY...!!

PS: dont dream to much out of our capacity... just be yourself...like me... i dreamed of being a technician and/or engineer someday.. and now..!! i'm hardly working for it!!! huhuhu nice... hehehe
Re: What's Your Dream?
Post on Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:04 am by Guest
I GUESS I DISAGREE WITH YOUR FIRST PART SKYARNZ..YOU SAID dreams will always remain as dreams...
it would never be reality....ALTHOUGH YOU WERE ABLE TO PUT AN "UNLESS" JEJEJEJJEJEJE BUT I THINK....DREAMS WOULD NOT REMAIN AS MERE DREAMS FOREVER...I agree with you skyarnz when you stated that "
unless you're ready to deal with it...
take it seriously..

and do it properly.." jejejejeje and for my side...DREAMS would turn into REALITY if you have this what we so called "DETERMINATION" which for me a very important aspect if you really want to succeed right??? AND YOU KNOW WHAT GUYS I WAS ABLE TO COME UP WITH THIS FORMULA OF MINE TO OBTAIN SUCCESS TAKE A LOOK::::



Re: What's Your Dream?
Post on Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:44 pm by nigHt_fAll
i 'd say it is...
if you've tried it already...
hahaha just kidding!
Well kabutlaw magbinasa...
but thanks for the replies!
appreciated it...
but you know guys...
even if you try your best to hit what your aiming for,
sometimes your very best
just isn't good enough...
well how about you...
what are your dreams?

Re: What's Your Dream?
Post on Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:26 pm by _f+i+x_m+e_
no comment... saka na...
Re: What's Your Dream?
Post on Thu May 14, 2009 5:28 pm by dying fetus
i dremt 2 b "the ultimate hacker"

Re: What's Your Dream?
Post on Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:38 pm by ash
next time ko nala basahon ha??
kdamu eh..
Re: What's Your Dream?
Post on Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:24 pm by _f+i+x_m+e_
i dream that one day ill be famous, ill be a star, ill be on movies... hehehe

wen i grow up, i wanna see the world, drive nice cars, i wanna have groupies.... hehehe
Re: What's Your Dream?
Post on Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:52 pm by avrea
I jUst have Only One simple dream...


Re: What's Your Dream?
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What's Your Dream?

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